For all our cocktails lovers, this page is the perfect place to peruse our cocktails list.
All 100ml each
Complete Set of 6 $148
Set of 3 $75


Classic Old Fashioned $26
Nikka from the Barrel / House Blended Syrup / Angostura Bitters
Creole Old Fashioned $26
Diplomatic Exclusiva / Clement Agricole Rhum VSOP / Kuromitsu / Creole Bitters / Bayleaf
Delicate Old Fashioned $26
Nikka From the Barrel / Mr Black Colombia / Awamori Harusame Karee / Hoshiko Ume Liqueur / Caramel Syrup / Umami Angostura Bitters
Narrabri Old Fashioned $27
Patron Anejo / Black Snake ASp Joven / Japanese Absinthe / Agave Syrup / Mexican Mole Bitters
Jasmine Old Fashioned $27
Nikka Miyagikyo / Jasmine Tea / ElderFlower Reduction Syrup / Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
Roasted Old Fashioned $27
Nikka Yoichi / Hoji Tea infused Barley Shochu / Mr Black / Coconut Syrup / Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters
All 100ml each -
Comes with complimentary hand carved ice
Complete Set of 7 $150

Classic Negroni $20
Beefeater 24 / Campari / House Blended Vermouth / Angostura Bitters
Black Negroni $21
Genmaicha Infused Roku Gin / Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin / Gran Classico / Antica Formula / Dandelion and Burdock Bitters
Touch Wood Negroni $22
Hinoki infused Rice Shochu & Gin / Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter / Vermouth Di Torino Cocchi / Regans' Orange Bitters
Ducky Negroni $23 
Starward Two Fold Double Grain / Amaro Nonino / Mancino Vermouth Rosso / Mirin Gastrique / Amazon Cacao Bitters
Milkey Oolong Negroni $24
Diplomatico Exclusiva / Vanilla beans infused Suze / Gran Classico / Lillet Blanc / Jin Xuan Tea
Snake in the Negroni $25
Black Snake Joven / Don Julio Reposado / Montenegro / Punt e Mes / Smoked Eucalyptus Tonic Essence
Dr Macadam's Negroni $26
23rd Street Prime Brandy / Mr Black Amaro / Roasted Macadamia Campari / Dubonnet / Arabica Coffee Bitters



All 200ml each


Ginjo Highball $19
Daiginjo Kasutori Shochu/ Yuzu Sake/ Champagne Acid / Elderflower Sparkling Water
A Shochu highball with a fruity ginjo sake like aroma and floral taste with a hint of yuzu
Matcha Coco Tiramisu $20
Brown Sugar Shochu/ Mascarpone Cream/ Coconut/Sour Mix/ Matcha Syrup/ Coffee Powder
Which do you like? Tiramisu or Matcha cake? 
This cocktail has the best of both worlds
It's like a matcha tiramisu with Pina Colada flavour



All 200ml each

Aragoshi Yuzushu Nara, JPN $26
An Umeshu type sake with a beautiful citrus infusion of Japanese yuzu citrus fruit. Fresh and light

Aragoshi Ringoshu Nara, JPN $26
An Umeshu type sake using fresh
Japanese Fuji apple purée. Sweet and refreshing
Aragoshi Momoshu Nara, JPN $26
An Umeshu type sake using fresh Japanese white peach purée. Elegant sweetness
Aragoshi Umeshu Nara, JPN $26
Bottles with real ume plum purée, rich and sweet aroma and flavour