Celebrate the amazing fathers in your life with a Father's Day feast this weekend.

We have curated a meat box containing premium cuts of poultry, lamb and beef, supplied by local caring farmers.
The box comes with prepared cuts, marinated and vacuum-sealed to keep them in peak condition for when it gets to you.
Also included are delicious sauces and sides to complement the meats, with some simple step by step cooking instructions (all the meats require to be cooked). Allow a couple of hours for prep and cooking. If you're looking for something more ready to eat, check our Chef's Selection.

 Father's Day Feast Options

Our box to feed 2-3 people | $180
Our box to feed 4-5 people | $280


Pre-order Only

Please text your order a night before delivery or pick up

Pick up and Delivery: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

Limited Quantities Available


What's in the box?

WX by Ranger’s Valley MB9 Striploin 
For 2-3 people  250g
For 4-5 people  500g
Sovereign Lamb Rib 
For 2-3 people  1 whole (small)
For 4-5 people  1 whole (large)
Hay Aged Duck 
For 2-3 people   1 breast
For 4-5 people   1 whole
Confit Duck Maryland 
For 2-3 people    1 piece (small)
For 4-5 people    1 piece (large)


Included Sides and Condiments

Truffle mashed potatoes | Salad | Pickles
Black garlic and muntrie sauce | Wasabi 
Olsson’s salt Shoyu umami butter | Beef jus | White miso walnut chutney


Optional Add Ons

Kagoshima Wagyu
200g $135  400g $260

Saikyo miso “Glacier 51” Toothfish
120g $52



A meat feast paired perfectly with specialty cocktails.
Cheers to Father's Day!

Our head mixologist recommends pairing them following those 2 sets (but you can definitely mix and match them to fit your taste and the quantity you want):   

Set A: Classic Negroni & Black Ship Manhattan
     100ml $42 | 200ml $80 

Set B: Limelight Martini & Delicate Old Fashioned
     100ml $46 | 200ml $88 
Individual Cocktails:
Classic Negroni $20
Our classic Negroni with house-blended vermouth. The Gin Beefeater 24 has Japanese and Chinese green teas as a botanical accent to add complexity to the bitterness.

Black Ship Manhattan $24
A Black Manhattan twist.
For people who love bittersweet cocktails. You will be surprised with a taste you've never had before!! 

Limelight Martini $22
Twisted Saketini with woody hinoki flavor and fruity taste. 
Hinoki is a Japanese cypress. Enjoy the amazing harmony of 3 elements of ginjo sake, elderflower and Hinoki.

Delicate Old Fashioned $26
For coffee and old fashioned lovers.
The complex flavour of figs, dark berries, chocolate, caramel and plum leading into a spiced honey note. The finish is long with a perfect balance.

To pre-order it’s simple:

Text us 0488034375, a night before delivery or pick up:

-Your name
-Menu items and quantity
-Your time and day of pick up: Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th.
Delivery available only from 5pm to 7pm in a 10km radius.
Please text your location for a delivery quote.
1.5 % surcharge on all cards